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We recognize that every business has its own unique set of needs. COVID Control Center can help organizations select or combine the right model for their workplace strategy by choosing who, how and where to test.

Automatic Contact Tracing — built with individual privacy in mind — turns employee devices into virtual beacons, so you can more precisely identify employees who may be at potential risk of exposure to illness.
COVID Control Center is here to serve organizations of all shapes and sizes. We can provide:Mass testing solutions for municipalities and large companies.
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Discreet concierge solutions for Executives, Families, and Celebrities.
As the efforts continue to combat the COVID-19 virus, the need for properly andaccurately identifying not only infected patients, but also those who have beenpreviously exposed has never been of greater concern. With the rollout anddistribution of several promising vaccines. With current technology testingaccuracy, data collection and reporting is crucial to the precise delivery of thesemedications to accelerate our nation’s path to herd immunity, thus bringing usone step closer to winning the war of this pandemic. BioLabs International haspartnered with HILDR Group to strategically deploy their innovative, and costeffective mass testing solution. With U.S manufacturing capabilities andnationwide logistics combined with the SkyDX reporting platform, Our nation’s frontline healthcare force will gain the advantage needed to successfully contain the spread of Covid-19 amongst other foreign pathogens.


Featuring COVID test centers, and the exclusive SKY DX trace and track features that will be required in the future by all employers, agencies, and industries where people congregate. We have extensive product support collateral i.e. dossiers, TA specs, and FDA approval certification documents, as required. - COVID test center with SKYDX Trace and Track feature Green Rush Technology based in California and now Arizona is representing COVID Control Center, one of the premier supply chain and logistics companies specializing in COVID 19 in-field testing. We have also implemented a full-scale system for electronic data capture in the field, case investigation, and contact monitoring.  
  It's important to recognize that stabilization following the initial COVID 19 impact and the resulting economic crisis means something distinct to every company and how they ultimately return to the workplace. Work may never be the same again. COVID Control Center offers a comprehensive, fully configurable COVID 19 testing solution to help employers get their teams back to business. We provide the following to help move your company and your employees forward successfully.

1. Testing
Rapid test administrationand specimen collectiontakes placed at organizedvenues with organizedcrowd control and amplesocial distancing enforced.
2. Validation
Test results are uploaded toSkyDX network via QR/RFID codewhere they are verified in minutesby SkyDx certified lab personnelat one of the hundreds of CLIA certified labs in the network.
3. Reporting
These results are simultaneously sent to thelocal State Department ofHealth, the Centers for Disease Control andpotentially other healthcare,and contact tracing systems.

All FDA certification/approvals, dossiers, and marketing collateral are available upon request.